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Rodeo Simulators & Rides

Laxcorp have been providing Rodeo Bull Hire, Bucking Bronco Hire & Rodeo Simulator hire nationally for many years. 


We have over 10 years experience and our reputation is built on quality, friendly customer service and professionalism. 

Hirers of UK Rodeo Bulls, Football, Pig, Sheep, Roulette, Bottle, Rugby Ball, Jetski, Surfboard, Pumpkin & Adult attachments available.  Reliable, Fully Trained Staff. We only provide quality UK Manufactured Rodeo Bulls.

Rodeo Bull Hire | UK | LaxCorpEvents

Grab The Bull by the horns 


The Western Rodeo Bull provides a great Rodeo Simulator experience

Rodeo Football Similator Ride Hire | UK | LaxCorpEvents

Heads Up Footy Fans

Love Football then love this Rodeo Football Simulator Ride

Rodeo Roulette Hire | UK | LaxCorpEvents

Place your Bets

What number will the rider fall and land on the Rodeo Roulette Simulator 

Rodeo Pig Simulator Hire | UK | LaxCorpEvents

Here Piggy Piggy Piggy

Ride the Rodeo Pig Simulator which is sure to provide a great laugh

Rodeo Sheep Simulator Hire | UK | LaxCorpEvents

Oh Sheep!

Try and Ride Shaun the Rodeo Sheep. Hes a tricky Fella & Makes us all Laugh

Rodeo Surfboard Simulator Hire | UK | LaxCorpEvents

Surfs Up

What number will the rider fall and land on the Rodeo Roulette Simulator 

Rodeo Rugby Ball Simulator Hire | UK | LaxCorpEvents

Ready for the Scrum

Rugby players are tough but are you ready to ride the Rodeo Rugby Ball

Rodeo Jet ski Simulator Hire | UK | LaxCorpEvents

Not  Baywatch again

We've seen them & riden them holiday but how will you fair on the Jet Ski Simulator

Rodeo Beer Bottle Simulator Hire | UK | LaxCorpEvents

Drink Up - Last orders

get your bottle opener ready & try to ride the Rodeo Beer Bottle

Rodeo Wipe Out Simulator Hire | UK | LaxCorpEvents

4 Player Wipeout Action

Up or Over thats the question.

Test your Reaction & Speed by avoiding the poles

Rodeo Reindeer Simulator Hire | UK | LaxCorpEvents

Happy Christmas

Don't miss out on riding Rudolph this festive seasion. He doesn't hand around for long 

Rodeo Pumpkin Simulator Hire | UK | LaxCorpEvents

Spooky Halloween Pumpkin

Add that extra bit of scary fun to your event with the Rodeo Pumpkin

Rodeo Easter Egg Simulator Hire | UK | LaxCorpEvents

Who ate all the Eggs?

Rather than eat them try riding the Rodeo Easter Egg instead! Eggstatic fun....

Rodeo Pudding Simulator Hire | UK | LaxCorpEvents

Tasty Xmas Pudding

Not a big fan of the xmas pudding then why not go for a ride on one instead 

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